No Punishment for War (2020)

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20 x 16 Inches
In building to this complete composition I found myself reflecting the themes of 'Hanagatami' (2017), Japanese war film directed by Nobuhiko Ōbayashi. The film generates a visual tone that almost emits the essence it's aware it is a film. Unafraid to hyperbolise beauty in ways some would deem cliche.
I started by painting the words LOVE & HATE in thick strokes. These dents are visible underneath the surface of the world that is painted.
I feel like somewhere in my mind there is also reference to religion and war in Northern Ireland. The bold orange background combined with the cartoonish mural-like faces and error of perspective reminds me of the religious propaganda painted on the side bricking of a small home in a proud area. The title would directly reference that time when a lot of terrorists who murdered civs had all charges dropped cause war crimes don't count cause it's "War" and therefore it's allowed.
I imagine this composition as a movie poster, a statement of propaganda from the hierarchy encouraging the weak to fight the battles caused by the powerful.